What We Do

At Think, we combine our extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence to offer a wide range of services aimed at helping you reach your goals and surpass your targets. From strategic planning and brand development to visually striking design and captivating marketing campaigns, our dedicated team is fully invested in bringing your ideas to fruition while exceeding your expectations.


Create eye catching, impactful ads that translate to sales and build brands. A successful campaign is your bridge to ensuring your message is delivered and target audience reached. From conceptualisation, design production and media planning, we create advertisements for print, outdoor, online, radio and TV.


Branding or rebranding, we create cohesive identities that reflect your image and persona, for the long term. Brandings are created with a thorough understanding of business objectives and internal perspectives, to showcase the best of the company to the public.

Video Productions

From concept to post production, our strength in video, 2D and 3D animated TVC’s continue to benchmark the standards in the country. We undertake the production of corporate video documentaries taking into consideration all aspects that would accurately reflect company image.

Market Research & Strategy

Get comprehensive insights on your market and audience. We offer a format tailored to achieve your specific purpose and deliver results timely for your decision making. Our researchers are experienced in working with regional and international agencies conducting surveys as part of regional and global market surveys.